🔮 GitHub co-founder & ex-CEO, Tom Preston-Werner, joins Pullflow as an investor!

Tom Preston-Werner, Co-Founder and Former CEO of GitHub, Invests in Pullflow | Pullflow Blog

Tom Preston-Werner, Co-Founder and Former CEO of GitHub, Invests in Pullflow

Pullflow is thrilled to announce a significant investment from Tom Preston-Werner, marking a major step in our journey to redefine code review collaboration through AI.

Rabia Ahmed
Rabia Ahmed - Fri Sep 22 2023
Tom Preston-Werner, Co-Founder and Former CEO of GitHub, Invests in Pullflow

We are thrilled to announce a pivotal development for Pullflow. Tom Preston-Werner, the co-founder and former CEO of GitHub, has invested in our platform, marking a significant step forward in our journey to transform developer collaboration through unification and AI.

Pullflow is designed to integrate effortlessly with essential developer tools such as GitHub, Slack, and VS Code, along with the power of Large Language Models (LLMs), creating a unified and distraction-free platform for code review. We are committed to reducing context switching and allowing developers to maintain their flow-state.

About Pullflow

Pullflow facilitates synchronized conversations between developers, systems, and AI across GitHub, Slack, and VS Code, enabling teams to review and merge high-quality code with unprecedented efficiency.

Key Features

  • Tools Integration: With popular developer tools like GitHub, Slack, and VS Code, streamlining workflow and reducing manual setup.
  • PR Dashboard: Helps maintain focus with a PR dashboard that prioritizes code reviews requiring your attention the most, right within Slack, eliminating distractions and improving productivity.
  • AI Agent: Enables AI assisted review collaboration, e.g. answers to PR related questions and example code, and code review administration (assignments, approvals, labeling, etc.) through natural language conversation with the Pullflow agent.
  • PR Metrics: Keeps you informed about critical metrics such as code-review turnaround time, response time, and review cycles.

Impact on the Developer Ecosystem

Tom’s profound knowledge of developer ecosystem, tools, and community-building is a priceless resource that will steer Pullflow towards becoming an indispensable tool for developers. With the investment, we are poised for accelerated growth and innovation, including developing advanced AI capabilities that take code collaboration to the next level.


Pullflow is at the forefront of addressing the pressing needs of the software development industry, focusing on efficiency and innovation. This partnership with Tom Preston-Werner is a significant milestone, and it reinforces our commitment to providing a versatile tool that adapts to the evolving demands of developers, ensuring enhanced collaboration and code quality.

We remain dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation to meet and exceed the expectations of the developer community.

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