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Merge quality PRs 4X faster with synchronized conversation between developers, systems, and AI, across your favorite tools.

  • Note: Code review assistant & VS Code features are in preview.
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Review and merge high-quality code 4X faster

Collaborate with each other and AI in the most natural way without leaving your favorite tools - minimizing distraction and context switching.


Converse seamlessly across GitHub, Slack, and VS Code

Pullflow synchronizes user identities and code-review activity across GitHub, Slack and VS Code, enabling you to converse naturally across platforms. Take action from wherever your are, and return to your flow.


Chat with contextual AI in your PR conversations

Pullflow AI (preview) assists in code review discussions by giving you contextual answers to questions, feedback on reviews, and more, right within your Slack conversations. No need to hunt for answers elsewhere.

Join the waitlist

Stay focused on your active code reviews

Pullflow gives you at-a-glance view of PRs waiting on you, in Slack and VS Code. Instantly jump into a PR conversation, take action, set reminders, nudge the reviews, and more without missing a beat.


Keep up with CI/CD & Automation in real-time

Pullflow integrates with GitHub Actions, external CI/CD, GitHub Apps, and more, to bring you a single view of your pull-request from draft and review to test and deploy.


Use Chat Ops for quick code-review actions

Let Pullflow take care of quick actions for you with just a chat mention or IDE keyboard shortcut. Request review, add/remove labels, give feedback, approve, and more, without a trip to GitHub.


Choose the plan that fits your team's collaboration needs

Unlock the full potential of your development team with Pullflow's flexible and affordable pricing plans.

Free & Open Source
For open source projects, startups, and small dev teams.
  • Unlimited public repos
  • Unlimited public users
  • Unlimited private repo
  • 5 private-repo users
$5/user /month
For growing teams requiring standard features.
  • Unlimited paid users
  • Unlimited repos
  • Standard features
  • Email support
$9/user /month
For teams requiring premium features and support.
  • Unlimited paid users
  • Unlimited repos
  • Premium features
  • Chat support
For enterprises requiring custom infrastructure and workflow.
  • Private cloud & on-premise
  • Audit & access control
  • Single-sign on
  • and more...
* Paid user = Signed-in Pullflow user participating in code reviews
Testimonial 04
❝ After monitoring our performance, we have seen our review wait times come down from 14 hours to under 4 hours since we introduced Pullflow! ❞


Is the beta open to everyone?

Yes, all Slack workspaces are welcome to sign up and use the Pullflow beta for free.

How much does the Pullflow service cost?

Pullflow is free for everyone during the beta period, and will remain free for unlimited public repositories and unlimited private repositories for small teams. Teams requiring more repositories or users can subscribe to a paid plan starting at $5 per user per month. See future pricing for details.

Does Pullflow have access to all my messages in Slack?

No, Pullflow only has access to messages in channels where you explicitly invite the Pullflow bot. Moreover, Pullflow only processes messages on invited channels within threads associated with pull requests. You can revoke access by removing Pullflow from the channel.

Does Pullflow have access to my source code on GitHub?

No, Pullflow does not have or need access to your source code. Pullflow only requests access to the pull request metadata and comments. You control the specific permissions that you grant Pullflow through your GitHub account and you can revoke access at any time.

Can I choose which GitHub repositories are accessible to Pullflow?

Yes, Pullflow only gets access to the repositories that you authorize through your GitHub account. You can add and remove repositories at any time from GitHub.

Can any Slack member sign up for Pullflow?

Yes, any Slack workspace member can sign up for Pullflow. However, a user with admin access to the GitHub organization is required to complete the setup.

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