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Getting Started with Pullflow

Pullflow Documentation

Pullflow helps teams collaborate more efficiently on code reviews. Every pull request becomes a threaded conversation that is synchronized across GitHub, Slack, and VS Code. Each thread is also joined by the Pullflow AI agent helps with administrative tasks and contextual code assistance.

Benefits of Pullflow

Teams across industries have standardized their code review workflow around Pullflow to minimize distractions and context switching, enhancing productivity and reducing time-to-merge by 4X.

Step 1: Sign up for Pullflow

  1. Ensure Admin Permissions: Verify that you have the required permissions on GitHub and Slack to install apps.
  2. Option 1: Sign in with Slack: Open and sign in with Slack.
    Option 2: Install from GitHub: Install the Pullflow app from the GitHub Marketplace.

Step 2: Connect your GitHub repositories to Slack Channels

  1. Go to your desired Slack channel - or create a new one for code review collaboration.
  2. Invite the Pullflow agent to the channel. You can use the /invite @Pullflow Slack command.
  3. When prompted in Slack, select the repositories you want to connect.

Remember to invite the rest of the team to join the channel and sign in to

Step 3: Test your setup

  1. Create a pull-request (PR) in the connected GitHub repository.
  2. Verify that a thread is created in the connected channel for the PR.
  3. Post a message in the Slack thread and see it synchronized with GitHub. You can edit the post in GitHub and see the changes in Slack.

All set! Dive into Pullflow and explore its myriad features…