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Here are some common technical difficulties users might encounter and ways to troubleshoot them:

GitHub repository not syncing with Slack

Check that the GitHub repository has been correctly connected to Slack. Use the /pullflow config command in Slack to view the current configuration and make any necessary adjustments. If a PR is missing in Slack, you can take any action on the PR in GitHub to trigger a sync with Pullflow. If the problem persists, please contact support.

Pullflow agent not responding in Slack

Ensure that the Pullflow agent has been added to the desired Slack channel. Use the /invite @Pullflow command in Slack to add the agent to the channel.

User showing as “GitHub User”

Make sure the user is signed in to Pullflow with the correct GitHub and Slack profiles. Every user in the Pullflow connected channel needs to sign in at for the sync features to work.

Check runs not showing in Slack

Verify that the GitHub Actions, CI/CD, and other integrations are correctly set up and functioning on the GitHub side. If everything appears to be in order, use the /pullflow config command in Slack to check the notification settings for PR checks.

Unable to change user roles in Pullflow

Only administrators and owners have the ability to change user roles. If you are an admin or owner and are still unable to change user roles, contact Pullflow support for assistance.

Audit log not showing for recent activity

The audit log may take some time to update. If the recent actions are still not showing after some time, contact Pullflow support for assistance.

All other issues

Please open a support ticket at