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Pullflow Agent

Working with the Pullflow Agent

The Pullflow agent (@Pullflow in Slack) is a GPT-powered assistant that is always available to helps you:

  • Take quick actions on PRs, such as request review, assign, label, etc.
  • Have group conversation in the PR thread to assist with code reviews
  • Answer general questions about software development, testing, infrastructure, etc.
  • Help with Pullflow related issues or questions

You can converse with the Pullflow agent one-on-one in Slack, or have a group conversation in a channel or PR specific conversation in a PR thread.

Pull Request Actions

You can mention the Pullflow agent in PR threads on Slack to take quick actions on pull requests. This is especially useful on mobile.


@Pullflow request a review from @John
@Pullflow assign this to @Janet
@Pullflow add labels wip and documentation
@Pullflow add a review comment: "Please check spelling"
@Pullflow request changes: "Missing tests"