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Features Overview

Pull Request Dashboard

With Pullflow’s integration with Slack, you can access your open pull requests directly from Slack, ensuring that you’re always updated on the status of your PRs, whether they’re awaiting review, in draft mode, or pending feedback from peers.

GitHub Actions & CI/CD

Pullflow integrates with GitHub Actions, external CI/CD, GitHub Apps, and more, to bring you a single view of your pull request from draft and review to test and deploy. This integration ensures that you are always updated on the status of your pull requests in real-time.


Merge Statistics

Pullflow tracks essential metrics such as code-review turnaround time, review cycles, and response time as PRs get merged. This data helps you gain insights into your team’s performance and identify areas for improvement.


VS Code Extension

Pullflow’s integration with Visual Studio Code (VS Code) streamlines the code review process by bringing workflows and collaboration tools directly into the IDE. This integration enables developers to prioritize pull requests (PRs), stay updated, take quick actions, and maintain their flow state, all within the familiar environment of VS Code.

To get started, simply install the “Pullflow” extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace, and log in to Pullflow from the VS Code status bar. Once set up, developers can immediately start taking advantage of the integration’s features.

  • Unified Interface in VS Code: Integrates code review workflows, management, and team communication within the IDE, streamlining the review process in your development environment.

  • Quick Actions: Enables efficient handling of code review tasks using keyboard shortcuts or the status bar, including review requests, task labeling, and approvals.


  • Synchronized Communication: Facilitates quick responses to team comments, integrating PR conversations from GitHub and Slack directly into the dev environment.


  • Status Indicators and Quick Access Link: Provides a clear overview of PR statuses at a glance, with one-click navigation to GitHub or associated Slack threads.

The integration also includes a PR Dashboard that provides a consolidated view of active pull requests, helping developers quickly identify and focus on the PRs that need their attention.

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