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Pullflow VS Code Extension

Customizing Slack Status Updates in Pullflow Extension

The Pullflow extension is equipped to dynamically update your Slack status to 🌊, showcasing your flow state as detected by your activity within VS Code for focused coding sessions. However, should you choose to have a consistent status that does not automatically change, you have the option to disable this feature.

Steps to Maintain a Static Slack Status:

  1. Open the Pullflow extension settings within your VS Code environment.
  2. Scroll to locate the ‘Automatic Flow Detection’ configuration.
  3. Deselect the checkbox next to ‘Allow Pullflow to automatically detect flow state based on keystrokes.’
  4. Confirm your changes by saving the settings.

After performing these steps, Pullflow will cease to modify your Slack status to 🌊 based on your coding activity, enabling you to set and maintain a status message that suits your personal or professional needs.

Extension Flow State

Customizing Telemetry Settings in Pullflow Extension

Pullflow is committed to transparency and user control when it comes to data collection. The extension collects telemetry data to enhance product features and provide a more robust user experience. This data may include usage statistics and performance metrics.

Extension Telemetry Settings

To customize telemetry data collection:

  1. Access the Pullflow extension settings in your VS Code editor.
  2. Look for the ‘Telemetry’ section.
  3. To opt out, uncheck the box labeled ‘Enable Pullflow to transmit product usage telemetry.’
  4. Remember to save your preferences.

Important: Pullflow respects your settings for VS Code telemetry. If you have opted out of VS Code telemetry, Pullflow telemetry will also be disabled, ensuring that your choice of privacy settings is consistently honored.

By managing these settings, you control the level of participation in our telemetry efforts. Your choices help us balance product improvement with your data preferences.